Attic Insulation

Insulating your attic is the most cost effective measure to ensure your home is warmer and more energy efficient. Current regulations demand a minimum overall depth of 300mm (12 inches) of attic Insulation. Existing Insulation is tidied and fitted between the joists and then a new layer is laid over the joists.

Glasswool rolls are the most common used material for insulating attics as they offer the best thermal conductivity and value for money.

Also when insulating your attic we would always insulate your Tanks and pipes. This is essential to prevent your tanks and pipes from freezing. We install SEAI approved tank jackets and 22mm diameter pipe lagging. Old lagging is removed as it does not comply with today’s standards. The new lagging is taped and sealed at the joints.

We also insulate any trap doors in your ceiling or crawl space. This is done by fitting Insulation to the back of the trap door and then draught-proofing the perimeter. If you have a folding attic stairs we fit a trap door hood over your hatch to allow your stairs to function normally.

If you have existing attic flooring this can be raised with timbers, insulated and the refitted. New storage areas can be installed to the client’s requirement.

Insulating your attic will completed in one day with minimum disruption and inconvenience.

There is €200 grant available from the SEAI